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Upon completion of signing up and paying the enrollment fee, students need to do the following.

Apprenticeship Program

Learning how to pursue a career as a Cosmetologist or Barber. It offers a distinctive and exceptional approach to learning. The program spans 3200 working hours and 250 classroom hours over the course of 18-24 months.

 Health and Safety • Infection Control: Principles and Practices • Board Rules and Regulations • Life Skills • Study Skills • Your Professional Image • Communicating for Success • On The Job • Implements, Tools and Equipment

As part of the 250 hours of Related Supplemental instruction (RSI) – Classroom instruction of Theory during the 2 years. To learn to have a good understanding and be ready to take the State Board Written Exam.* The History of Barbering • Bacteriology • Anatomy and Physiology • Chemistry- • Eleetrieity and Light Therapy • Properties and Disorders of the Hair and Scalp • Treatment of the Hair and Scalp • Properties and Disorders of the Skin • Men’s Facial Massage and Treatments • Men’s Hair Cutting and Styling • Men’s Hairpieces • Women’s Hair Cutting and Styling • Chemical Texture Services • Hair Coloring and Lightening • Nails and Manicuring • State Board Preparation and Licensing Law • The Job Search • Barbershop Management • Shaving and Facial Hair Design • implements and tools, and equipment “TNN uses updated technology to help our students succeed in passing the State Board Written Exam.

Once licensed, apprentices will be working 32-40 hours a week under their trainer at the shop specified on their license for 2 years. Apprentices are responsible for recording the hours worked and services performed on their OT Log sheet, which will be turned in monthly.

            Requirements to join the apprenticeship program are: – 16 years or older – high school education or equivalent – photo id – SSN or ITIN     

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