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TNN Beauty Barber & Cosmetology Apprenticeship of California has training centers throughout the state, offering classroom instruction and a temporary 2-year license for On-The-Job training working with a licensed professional, allowing apprentices to offer services in license establishment. This program offers many advantages to individuals with the mindset of working while learning on the job and enables students to build clientele and sharpen their skills while preparing for state board licensing.



To qualify for this program, students must be:

  • 16 years of age
  • Have a government photo ID
  • Have a Social Security Card or ITIN
  • Complete 39 hours of pre-apprenticeship training
  • Employed by a licensed establishment for 32-42.5 hours a week under the guidance of a licensed professional
  • Attend classroom instruction once a week for a minimum of 144 up to 320 hours.

This program is VA-approved for GI bill payments; it's on the Green Job ETPL list. We accept Workman Comp vouchers and Transitional Funding from employment counselors, EDD, and San Diego Work Force Agencies.


OUR JOURNEY since 2011

Established in 2011, TNN Beauty is a premier institution dedicated to shaping the future of beauty professionals. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive programs that seamlessly blend classroom education with on-the-job training. Our programs are crafted to offer tailored education, ensuring you acquire the skills and techniques necessary to meet your career goals.


Hands-On Learning

Embark on a transformative career path with our apprenticeship programs in Cosmetology and Barbering. At TNN Beauty, we believe in hands-on learning, allowing you to refine your skills under the guidance of licensed professionals. Whether you're starting your career or seeking to enhance your expertise, our apprenticeship programs pave the way for success.

TNN Beauty


Discover the artistry of Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Lamination, Airbrush Makeup, and more through TNN Beauty's advanced skills workshops. Our workshops provide a platform for you to delve into specialized services, expanding your repertoire and staying at the forefront of industry trends.


Licensed Experts

Benefit from the mentorship of licensed Barbers and Cosmetologists, ensuring a strong foundation for your career. We promise to provide an environment where creativity is nurtured, skills are honed, and beauty is celebrated in all forms. Explore now to learn more about our apprenticeship program.